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There is a day from my childhood that holds many memories for me.

As a child, I remember a day when my entire family got together for a family photography session, it was a gift for my grandmother. It was a fun and exciting day and I got to see family members I hadn’t seen in years. My mother dressed me in a beautiful dress and we all sat and smiled for the photo. Each time I visited my Grandmother after this time, I gazed at the photo and remember that day my family became a piece of art.

This is the experience we want to leave with you and your family. A day full of excitement and fun followed by your investment in bespoke art works that will remind you of that wonderful day each time you look at it.  In just a few steps this could be yours.

Step One:  Inquire with us!
Don’t be shy! We are here for you, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Shoot us an email via our contact form and if you like what you hear then we will organise step two with you.

Step Two: Lets Meet!
What better opportunity to talk about your session than over a cup of coffee during a pre-consultation meeting.  Here we will talk about all the fun we can create just for you. If you’re keen for something a little different, a little daring then we are your people. We love to create one of a kind, unique sessions for you and your family and we’ve been known to whip up one of a kind props just for your session.  We can help you choose the right outfit for your session and offer you some recommendations on hair and make up artists so not only will you look amazing, you’ll feel amazing too.
We welcome you to walk around the studio and view the premium range of products we have available for you to purchase.  Choose from a range of bespoke Wall Art collections, gift prints and albums to fill your home with memories.  At the end of the meeting we will lock in a date for your session that suits you and your families commitments and after we’ve done this the next step is the easiest part of the process.

Step Three: The Session!
Now I know what you’re thinking … Surely this isn’t the easiest part?? Please rest assured knowing that your photographer Colleen has 10 years experience photographing newborns, children and families of Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Central Queensland and is currently raising two children of her own, so there is nothing you can throw at her that she hasn’t seen before or doesn’t know how to handle.
Colleen has a very relaxed approach to her sessions.  Clients regularly tell us how easy the session was, and how they can’t wait to see the results of the session.  Colleen might even tease you with a couple of glimpses at the back of the camera during your session if you’re lucky!

Step Four: Time for Magic!
Once the photo session is completed we ask you give us up to 14 business days to work our magic on your images.  Colleen will complete a basic edit on the selected images and choose one or two images to work her magic on.  These images will be a representation of how your order will be edited once your images have been ordered.

Step Five: Come back to us!
We will then invite you back to the studio to order your images to take home!  Kelly will walk you through each of your images and will help you with your choices if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.  Your gallery will have between 20-50 images from your session and your task is to narrow this down to your favourite images.  Kelly will talk with about the best way to display your favourite images on our premium bespoke products and if you’ve sent us a photo of your home, we can show you what these products will look like on your wall. It is important to have all decision making parties attend the meeting as Kelly will be completing your order at the end of the meeting.  Payment for your order can be completed in a couple of ways.  You can choose to pay the invoice in full at the time of the meeting, We can email you the invoice for payment within 7 days or if you need a little more time, we can organise a payment arrangement to break your investment into smaller bite sized pieces.

If your a client who’s travelling from out of town for your session, a password protected Online Gallery can be arranged for you to view your images at home. An ordering session will be completed via email within 7 days of the gallery being delivered.  If after 7 days an order has not been received, the gallery access will be removed and a reinstatement fee will apply should you require to view the gallery again.

Step Six: Sit back and Relax
After the ordering session and full payment has been received, Colleen will work tirelessly on your order to until it is perfect. Turn around time for your products is usually between 4-6 weeks and collection is to be made from the studio, on weekdays between 9am and 2pm.  Postage can be organised however this an additional charge (dependant on the size of your order and the postage location).
We would love to see your products hanging proudly in your home, so if you happy to, send us a photo!

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