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Rainbow Baby Lucas

Matthew and Karly welcome their Rainbow Baby Lucas… In December of 2012, Matthew and Karly received the unexpected news that they were pregnant. The couples, while surprised, were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents. After years of...

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Rainbow Baby Flynn and his Angel Brother Alaric

Brothers Always…Alaric and Flynn Bailey On June 25, 2015, Michael and Emma Bailey welcomed their son, Alaric Norman Bailey into the world. The couple couldn’t have been happier, starting a family was an absolute joy for the pair. Unfortunately, with...

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Rainbow Baby Grayson

Welcome to the world Rainbow Baby Grayson Our most recent Rainbow Baby session was, as always, inspiring and incredible. The strength and resilience of these families is truly amazing. Please continue reading for the full, heartbreaking and yet...

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Rainbow Baby Hugh

Our First Rainbow Baby Just a few short days ago, we introduced you to our very first Rainbow Baby Session recipient, Hugh. The most special part of this heartfelt story is that Hugh’s older brother, Jace, is also a Rainbow Baby. Something we hear...

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Baby Lexie

A Bright Shining Star amongst the dark shadows of tragedy. They say when a life passes, a new one begins. This couldn’t be more true for the family of Baby Lexi. This gorgeous little girl is destined for an incredible future. You see, Lexi is not...

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Kobe and Chris

Kobe and I have known each other for many years, she was the sweetest teacher at my kids daycare centre and everyone loved her.  She is such a sweet gal, and always has the biggest smile!  In just under two weeks time, she will be marrying Chris, a...

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