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Tia and Ace welcome baby Zuke Arden Edwards

Ace and Tia have endured a heartbreak that few people could cope with.

The young couple wanted to start their family soon after getting married in September of 2016. Just after returning from their November honeymoon, they were excited to discover that their dream would come true!

Tia’s pregnancy progressed without a hitch other than some mild morning sickness. The couple desperately wanted to know the gender of their little one but at two of the scans, the cheeky bubba had their legs crossed!

In early March, it was finally discovered that Ace and Tia were going to welcome a little girl, they were completely thrilled. Immediately after finding out, they hit the shops to buy up all the pink they could get their hands on.

Tia’s best friend threw a baby shower for the couple and all of their loved ones spoiled their baby girl rotten. When Tia began her maternity leave, she was bored from day 1 as she had already prepared everything possible in order to welcome their daughter into their home.

On the afternoon of the 16th of July, 2016 early labour began. Things were progressing as normal and Tia and Ace packed the baby bag and suitcase, preparing to head to the hospital, all the while, pondering on how it would be their last time at home without a baby. They were so incredibly excited.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Tia and Ace were shown to their room and the monitor was placed around Tia to check their daughters heartbeat. Everything was perfectly normal and labour started to advance.

A short time later, the nurse returned to the room to once again place the monitor on to check the heartbeat. This time, there was some difficulty in getting a good reading. Unhappy with this, the nurse called the doctor. Hearing this, the couple became frightened, wondering why this was the case when only a half an hour prior, everything was perfectly fine.

Medical staff moved quickly and took Ace and Tia to the delivery room where they were met by the doctor. The doctor broke Tia’s waters and discovered that she had suffered a placental abruption, it was all blood. Tia was rushed in for an emergency c-section.

Arden Mika Edwards was born on the 17th of July, 2016 at 38 weeks gestation. Being in theatre for longer than normal, when Arden was finally delivered, the couple heard nothing. Arden was rushed into another room where doctors worked on her for 22 minutes. A miracle occurred and Arden was resuscitated.

Arden was put on a ventilator and multiple medications and booked on a flight to take her to the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital. After several hours, Tia was in reasonable enough health that she could go and meet her daughter. She was the most perfect little girl that they had ever seen. She looked so much like Ace and had the ventilator in, sucking it like a dummy. She was also wearing adorable little ear muffs in preparation for her flight.

The couple decided to name their daughter, Arden Mika Edwards and her name was written on her crib along with all of her other beautiful little details. It wasn’t long until Tia had to say goodbye as Arden’s flight was preparing to leave. This was so very hard on Tia who was unable to go with her new daughter.

Ace booked the next flight so that he could be with Arden when she arrived in Brisbane. Arden was placed in the NICU where Ace and her Nanny sat by her side for long hours each day until Tia was well enough to travel to be with them. Tia had to endure 4 blood transfusions until she was cleared to travel via the Flying Doctors, transferred to the same hospital as Arden.

As soon as Tia arrived, she asked to go straight to the NICU where Arden was hooked up to multiple machines – one for oxygen, one for medication and one to monitor her vitals. She was also wrapped in a blue cooling mat, a therapy used for babies that have been deprived of oxygen. Regardless of this trauma, Tia was just so happy to be with her husband and daughter.

Using the accommodation service provided by Ronald McDonald House,Tia and Ace spent many hours by Arden’s bedside, reading and talking to her, holding her hand. Arden endured endless tests during this time.

The hospital staff arranged for Arden to be baptized and immediate family travelled to celebrate the occasion which was extremely emotional and very, very special. The following day, they received the heartbreaking results of Arden’s extensive tests.

Due to being deprived of oxygen due to the placental abruption, Arden was severely brain damaged. The damage was so serious that Arden would be unable to breathe without the ventilator. This news would change the family’s life forever.

Spending crucial and yet excruciatingly difficult hours once again, reading, talking, kissing and holding onto Arden – the couple decided that they could no longer allow their precious daughter to continue suffering.

Family was asked to spend time with Arden and say their farewells to their beloved girl. Tia and Ace spent an entire day with her, taking videos and photographs, holding her for hours, passing her back and forth, taking in every beautiful feature of her. Cuddling closely, enveloped in an overwhelming love.

Turning off the ventilator, all were surprised when Arden continued breathing on her own but they were all too aware that it wouldn’t last. Arden was put into a gorgeous going home outfit from her baby bag and had a little bow put onto her head. She looked just perfect without the tubes and machines.

The team at Heartfelt captured some family images and little feet and hand moulds were taken, keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Setting up a bed for the night, the three spent 7 amazing hours cuddling as the family they will always be.
Encouraging Arden to let go when she was ready and with a final kiss and cuddle, the couple fell into sleep – holding their precious girl. Baby Arden Mika Edwards passed away in her sleep, cuddled between her parents at 6 days old.

The next few days, weeks and months were harder than anyone could imagine. A beautiful funeral was held to say goodbye and so many people attended to pay their respects.
Keeping in touch with their doctors, no answers came from the multitude of tests as to why the placental abruption occurred. It just happened without warning or reason.

7 months after the passing of Arden, Ace and Tia decided that they wanted to give her a brother or sister. Getting the all clear medically, the couple conceived within the first month of trying.

On the 14th of October 2017 – Tia and Ace Edwards welcomed their Rainbow Baby, Zuke Arden Edwards into the world. They have a special Angel watching over them, keeping them safe.

Ace and Tia – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this difficult and heartrending journey with us. You have endured more than any person ever should and your strength is both incredible and inspirational.

Charlee Photography x


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