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Matthew and Karly welcome their Rainbow Baby Lucas…

In December of 2012, Matthew and Karly received the unexpected news that they were pregnant. The couples, while surprised, were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents.

After years of struggling with her menstrual cycle and trialing different contraceptives, Karly noticed a big change to her cycle. After a blood and urine text was sent off, it was revealed that the changes were in fact her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, their happiness was short lived. Only three days after receiving their exciting news, they were sent for a scan and the outcome was not a happy one. The scan revealed a series of tiny circles and dots instead of what would normally be a healthy fetus. Shocked and confused, Karly was diagnosed with Gestational Trophoblastic Disease.

Doctors revealed to the couple that they should have been 3 months pregnant; despite Karly’s continue menstruation during that time. Unfortunately due to the GTD however, instead of a baby, Karly was presenting with abnormal cells which start in the tissue that would normally become the placenta. The only step forward was for Karly to undergo a D&C.


The ongoing treatment for Gestational Trophoblastic Disease included regular blood tests over a 12-18 month period to ensure the cells didn’t reform. The blood tests went from weekly to fortnightly to monthly.

In cases where the cells do reform, the implications could become extreme enough to require chemotherapy. Fortunately for Karly and Matthew, they were given the all clear.

It took Matthew and Karly almost three years before they were emotionally prepared to start trying to conceive again. It took the couple another 12 months before they were successful. At 8 weeks, Karly was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. She was also back to regular blood tests to ensure the pregnancy progressed healthily.


At 10 weeks, they were told that they had suffered another miscarriage however, at the scan, they were ecstatic to see that their little fighter was still going strong. At 23 weeks, Karly suffered from gall stones and an infection however, their Rainbow Baby endured.

In January, 2017, Lucas was welcomed into the loving arms of his loving and overjoyed parents.

Matthew and Karly endured so much tragedy and hardship to become a family but perseverance and an unbreakable bond got them there in the end. We congratulate them both on the birth of their beautiful, healthy son and thank them for allowing us to capture his cheeky smile and delightful personality.

We wish you all the very best, Charlee Photography x


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