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Jo and Nathan welcome Baby Leo…their miracle Rainbow Baby

Jo and Nathan have endured a long journey of heartache prior to welcoming their little miracle on the 8th of May, 2018.

With much excitement, the couple conceived in late August of 2013 however, at the 9 week scan, no heartbeat could be found.  Their hearts were broken.

Deciding to keep trying, it was another 18 months without conceiving before seeing a specialist to discuss IVF.

Meeting with a Rockhampton doctor, their IVF journey began. Despite their excitement and anticipation, the first round was unsuccessful due to the unavailability of eggs for pick up. Due to the intense hormone treatments Jo had to endure, she was left feeling utterly devastated by the news, as was Nathan.

At the beginning of 2015, another egg retrieval was scheduled in Rockhampton. This time Mother Nature intervened and Cyclone Marcia prevented the couple from travelling to their appointment. More disappointment added to their already emotional state.

As 2015 came to a close, Nathan proposed to Jo who accepted immediately and they wed in April of 2016. It was a time for them both to feel happier than they had in a long time.

Just prior to their wedding, Jo and Nathan went on an early honeymoon to take their mind off their sadness where they happened to conceive naturally.  Heartbreak struck again however when a miscarriage occurred at 6 weeks.

Seeking treatment from a doctor in Brisbane, Nathan and Jo were fortunate enough to complete a successful egg collection and went on to have three treatments of IVF. Out of the three, only one was successful but again ended in a tragic miscarriage. By this stage, Jo was mentally and emotionally exhausted. The pair felt lost and at their wits end. Jo credits her husband for being amazing throughout the process.

As the years passed and pregnancy seemed to blossom everywhere, the emotional toll increased. Jo often wondering why everyone around her could become pregnant when she couldn’t., often hearing advice such as ‘stop stressing and relax’. But it wasn’t that simple. Jo’s infertility shook her faith and she felt increasingly isolated.

Finally, in late August, 2017, Jo had a positive pregnancy test. Although excited, Nathan and Jo tried not to get their hopes up. At this point, they were under the care of a natural fertility doctor based in Mackay. Fortnightly scans and a lot of medication were required during the pregnancy and each scan was fraught with emotion…was the baby going to remain strong?

On the 8th of May, 2018, Jo and Nathan welcomed their very own miracle into the world. Leo Andrew Gray was born weighing 2780g and such a handsome little man.

We had the pleasure of photographing this little fighter and it was an absolute pleasure.

Congratulations Jo and Nathan and welcome Baby Leo. We wish you nothing but happiness for your future as a family. You have endured far more than anyone should, Leo is lucky to have you both.

Colleen & Kel x


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