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Our First Rainbow Baby

Just a few short days ago, we introduced you to our very first Rainbow Baby Session recipient, Hugh. The most special part of this heartfelt story is that Hugh’s older brother, Jace, is also a Rainbow Baby.

Something we hear often from our Rainbow Baby nominees is that they were afraid to talk about their miscarriages or their difficulties in conceiving. We are hoping to change that. We’re also hoping that reading these stories will help people in similar circumstances as well as encourage a community of acceptance, understanding and compassion.

The reason Charlee Photography have started gifting these sessions, is to open up discussion on the topic of miscarriage and infant loss. Breaking the silence and bringing these stories to light is important and it’s needed.

Read below, about the miracle that is baby Hugh and the miracle that is his big brother, Jace.


The journey to start a family for Bryan and Carly started 10 long and emotional years ago. Because there were fertility issues from both parents, the couple were directed immediately to IVF as their solution. 3 standard IVF cycles resulted in a heartbreaking miscarriage for the pair, their very first and unfortunately not their last.

While grieving for their loss but remaining faithful to their own perseverance, strength and unwavering support to one another to become a family, they were rewarded with their very first miracle – son, Jace.

Jace will be 5 years old in May of this year but his birth date was almost one of sadness instead of joy. During the birth, Jace suffered shoulder dystocia, his neck becoming stuck and his shoulders not progressing through the birth canal. Although very close to not making it, doctors performed the McRoberts manoeuvre and little Jace was born. This experience resulted in corrective surgery and a two week hospital stay for mum, Carly. After that two weeks however, their journey as a family of three began in earnest.

The journey to make it a family of four however, was only just beginning.

The first IVF cycle after the birth of Jace returned a positive result, excitement was mixed with wariness. Excitement that they were lucky enough to fall pregnant on the first cycle, wariness that something could still go wrong. Unfortunately another miscarriage occurred.

The couple decided to pursue their dreams and chose to continue with IVF, feeling that working towards their family was a positive way to deal with the overwhelming grief and disappointment. Despite their fierce determination and undergoing endless tests, trials and experiments, Carly and Bryan weren’t getting the results they were hoping for.

In May of 2016, the couple experienced their 3rd heartbreaking miscarriage. As a result of this, Bryan and Carly had to make a decision about whether or not they could continue. After much thought and discussion, it was decided that their quest for another child wasn’t yet over. This was largely due to their first miracle, Jace.

Jace was the strength the couple needed when they felt they couldn’t go on. His love for his family and his desire to become a big brother was too great for the loving parents to ignore.

Choosing a doctor based on the Gold Coast proved to make things more difficult for Bryan and Carly. Access to medications and travel to and from appointments added additional stress to an already challenging situation. There was good news to come though. After a successful egg collection and a two month wait, an egg transfer was completed and 2 weeks later, positive news! Bryan and Carly were ecstatic but again, hesitant and afraid. So afraid in fact, the couple didn’t even share their news, afraid that they would then have to share another loss.


Throughout the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, Carly suffered 3 major bleeds, all resembling those that resulted in previous miscarriages. Each time, they prepared for the worst but kept themselves as optimistic as they could. What an inspiration! Their little fighter held on though and despite the family trying to balance anticipation with dread, they made it through. Little Hugh, their second miracle was born. So much respect goes out to this amazing family.

Bryan, Carly, Jace and Hugh would like to thank all of their family and friends as well as all of the amazing medical staff that stood by them throughout this massive journey. People like this are what restores our faith in humanity and our belief in unconditional love.

Infant loss, fertility issues and miscarriage puts an incredible amount of strain on relationships. Friends are lost and found. Understanding and support is incredibly important. If you, or someone you know has experienced this journey, always know that you’re not alone and there are people who can help and understand.

Charlee Photography wishes Bryan, Carly, Jace and Hugh nothing but a lifetime of happiness and joy. We thank you for sharing your story with us as well all of our clients, family and friends. Much love and strength goes to your and yours x


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