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Welcome to the world Baby Ayla

We had the pleasure of meeting Tara and Ash today, as well as their precious rainbow baby, Ayla.

At the end of 2015, the couple decided they would start a family. In March of 2016, they discovered they were pregnant! Things were going well until the eight week mark when Tara started to bleed. Within an hour, the pain was unbearable and the couple made the emotional 3 hour trip to Rockhampton.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy was lost to miscarriage and Ash and Tara were shattered.

Trying as best they could to move forward, they started trying to conceive almost straight away. 6 months passed by until the familiar two lines appeared on the pregnancy test. As excited as they were, there was always a feeling of apprehension, particularly during those first 8 weeks.

It was another massive blow when Tara began to bleed, again at 8 weeks. Another long and painful journey to Rockhampton and another devastating result. The pair were heartbroken, especially as they had no idea how or why.

The decision to investigate further was made, blood tests and exams commenced. It was soon discovered that Tara did not produce enough progesterone and was prescribed medication to take once they felt able to conceive again.

After some thought, Tara and Ash decided to give themselves some time to heal before trying again. Only a few weeks passed however, when Tara began feeling tired and showing other signs of pregnancy. Much to their disbelief, they were in fact pregnant!

While they were in shock, they immediately booked an appointment with an obstetrician to ensure things stayed on track. Tara began taking the progesterone straight away.


Despite suffering an extended period of morning sickness, their little fighter held on. Their little miracle, Baby Ayla, was welcomed into the world on the 2nd of August, 2017 at a very healthy 8pd 11oz.

Ash, Tara and Ayla…it was a pleasure to meet you and an honour to capture your beautiful family. We thank you for sharing your journey and wish you nothing but the best for your future as a family.


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