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Aaron and Tahlia share their story and awareness for a rare condition that sent their twin boys to heaven, far too soon.

Tahlia and Aaron are the parents to a beautiful daughter, Leyora (4 yrs) and have never had trouble conceiving. Being blessed with their first daughter unexpectedly, they soon decided to try for a second child.

The couple discovered they were pregnant with baby number 2, soon after. It was in their GPs office that the doctor pointed out that despite being 16 weeks pregnant, it felt more like Tahlia was 18 weeks and that perhaps, they were having twins.

Thinking the GP was joking, the pair were shocked when the scan confirmed that there were indeed two babies! Neither side of the family have a history of twins and so it was definitely a surprise, but a very good surprise! There were smiles all around.


The pregnancy progressed well apart from some severe morning sickness during the first few months. Both the 20 and 28 week scans were performed in Brisbane and the babies were tracking well and completely healthy. At the 20 week scan, it was discovered that Aaron, Tahlia and Leyora were going to welcome identical boys into their family, double trouble!

Considering all was tracking so well, it was a shock to discover at 30 weeks that Tahlia had developed a condition known as Obsteric Cholestasis. The only symptom of the condition is a severe itching sensation, usually most prominent in the hands and feet. Unfortunately, Tahlia suffered the symptom all over her body and was in extreme discomfort.

Aware that the condtion could have concerns for both herself and the babies, Tahlia and Aaron were relieved when the scans were showing that all was well.

At 35 weeks, Tahlia went into labour however, when the Obstetrician broke her waters, the fluid was murky. After being rushed into emergency theatre, it was with incredible heartbreak that it was discovered the boys had both swallowed meconium.

Instead of going home with two beautiful new babies, Aaron and Tahlia were planning a double funeral. Deciding on the names Dominic and Ari for their precious boys, the twins were laid to rest. There is no heartache quite like losing a child, losing two is beyond devastating.

Having another child seemed to be the only way to ease the pain for this brave family and so they began trying a few months after the loss of their gorgeous boys. Thinking they might wait a little longer, it was discovered that they were already pregnant.

As soon as they were able, the couple found out that their Rainbow Baby was to be a girl. They chose the name Leylani but 3 year old Leyora had other ideas, pronouncing it Alani. And so, on the 18th September, 2017, baby Alani was born via c-section.

Amidst the heartache and devastation of their enormous loss, this amazing family have come forward to bravely share their story in the hope of bringing awareness to Obstetric Cholestasis and the risks involved with the condtion.

We would like to wish Aaron, Tahlia, Leyora and Alani an amazing future and thank them for helping to break the stigma of infant loss by sharing their journey with us.

Charlee Photography x

For more information regarding Obstetric Cholestasis, you can read more at the link below. Please note that Charlee Photography is not affiliated with Essential Baby and this information is from their own sources.



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