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Success at the Queensland Awards

I’m not sure how, but when it came time for the Queensland Epson Professional Photography Awards, I had an abundance of images.

I had so many images I had enough to enter two categories this year.  So I did, I entered both the Newborn and Family categories, with one goal in mind.  I was chasing the illusive Category Winner, I want nothing more than to be named Family or Newborn Photographer of the year.

You are allowed to enter 4 images into each category.  So I chose the best 8 images I could find from the past years work and began the process of changing them from client work, into pieces of art.

In the newborn category, I entered the above images, two of which were judged a Silver award and a Silver with Distinction. The other two where scored in the Professional Practice range.

In the family category, I faired a little better with each of my entries scoring either a Silver award or a Silver with Distinction.

I have been attending the Queensland Epson Professional Photography Awards since 2014, and each year I go to celebrate the achievements of others, with a little hope for my own achievements.

This year I was honoured to be named a Finalist for not only the Newborn Photographer of the Year, but also the Family Photographer of the Year.  Alas, the title was awarded to two other magnificently talented photographers and I am still chasing the title.  One day it will happen, today is just not that day.


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