Emily and Luke’s wedding day was AWESOME… just pure AWESOMENESS… from the weather, to the stunning bride and the handsome groom… There is not a thing I would change in this day… Here are some images that myself and my partner in crime Pete Oakman fromĀ Absolution Photography.

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_CHP0765 _CHP4863 _CHP0791 _CHP0800 _CHP0816 _CHP0868 _CHP0943-Edit _CHP0951 _CHP0968 _CHP0980 _CHP0993

_CHP1030 3U0A2011 3U0A2014 3U0A2084 0P1A0350 _CHP1175 _CHP1237 3U0A2131 3U0A2134 3U0A2144 _CHP1317 _CHP1322 _CHP1331 _CHP1353 _CHP1399 0P1A0431 0P1A0435 0P1A0447_CHP14073U0A21710P1A04593U0A2196_CHP1434_CHP14390P1A04690P1A05030P1A0508_CHP4995_CHP4965_CHP4972_CHP49770P1A0525_CHP14500P1A0550_CHP1477_CHP1490_CHP1500_CHP15120P1A0554_CHP15313U0A22803U0A22883U0A2291_CHP1542_CHP1557_CHP1560_CHP1568_CHP1584_CHP1587


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