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A Bright Shining Star amongst the dark shadows of tragedy.

They say when a life passes, a new one begins. This couldn’t be more true for the family of Baby Lexi. This gorgeous little girl is destined for an incredible future.

You see, Lexi is not only an IVF baby – the second for her lucky parents Kate and Jeff – but she was born in amazing circumstances. Lexi’s mum, Kate was diagnosed with Influenza A late into her pregnancy. This resulted in an C-Section at 39 weeks due to Kate’s rapidly deteriorating health. Unfortunately, Kate was not expected to survive the deadly disease and ended being intubated.

During the 4 weeks following Lexi’s birth and while Kate was fighting her battle in another hospital, more tragedy struck as Kate’s own father sadly passed.

Some great news then came their way with Kate emerging from the coma and her health slowly improving. Only then, just days later, another shock rippled through the family with the passing of Jeff’s father.

Baby Lexi is being cared for by the wonderful maternity unit at the Mater Hospital here in Rockhampton, while Kate is being treated at the Base Hospital. Jeff and Lexi’s 22 month old sister, Skylah are back and forth between the two daily. I can’t even start to imagine how he is getting through all of this.

The team at the Mater contacted me to arrange a session for Baby Lexi so that her parents and relatives might have something to treasure when they think back to this time in their lives. I am so honoured to have been asked and was thrilled to be able to donate this small service to bring some happiness into their lives. I can’t think of more deserving people. The sadness that this family has had to endure in such a short space of time is beyond comprehension. What strength and courage they have.

Baby Lexi, you were a star! With such a heartbreaking start to your life, you are bound to bring so much joy and pleasure into the lives of those around you. It was a pleasure to be able to meet you and capture your sweetness for your family to enjoy for many years to come.

Thank you to all of those involved and a huge shout out to the hardworking teams at both the Mater and Base Hospitals. And to Jeff, Kate and their respective families, my deepest heartfelt sympathies for your losses. May Kate’s recovery be swift and successful.

Yours truly, Colleen x


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