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Ruth and Andrew Poletto are a couple I was destined to come across, and honestly I am blessed that I have had the opportunity to meet them.

Ruth and Andrew experienced the worst possible even as a parent, and that was the death of their child Grace.  Grace had a knot in her umbilical cord and sadly passed away before Ruth and Andrew even had the chance to hold her in their arms.  As a Heartfelt photographer I was called to attend the session, and my heart ached for them both.

Stars aligned a year later when Ruth and Andrew were looking for a newborn photographer for their rainbow baby Frankie, and they happened across my website.  After a small amount of communication we worked out that we knew each other from Grace’s birth and its something that still gives me tingles.

Today, Ruth and Andrew gave back to the community in the most beautiful way possible.  Ruth and Andrew raised enough money to purchase a Cuddle Cot for the Mater Misericordiae Hospital where both Grace and Frankie were born.  A Cuddle Cot, is a specially designed cot that allows the parents who have experienced a stillborn more time to say goodbye to their child. The cot has a cooling system built into that keeps the baby cool and allows the parents more time with their child. The gift of time, is invaluable, and what this will mean to parents in the future is immeasurable.  Ruth and Andrew, words can not express the love I have for you both and you dedication to achieve this goal. It was an honour to be there today as the cot was handed over to the wonderful staff of the Mater Hospital. Here are a few photos from the handover today.


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