Family portraits are wonderful! They are fun and creative and sometimes… a challenge!   I don’t mean a challenge in a bad way I mean it tests me to come up with new ideas, and occasionally work some magic.

One of the greatest things about photography is that you can create art and magic after the shutter has been snapped.  Head swaps are almost a common occurrence in my business, someone has blinked, or turned the wrong way… children run or pick their noses LOL!

As was the case earlier this week..  Mum had expressed to me that she would dearly love an image of all four of her children in the one image. Unfortunately for her 2 year old boys have much better things to do than sit with their new brother or sister!  No matter what we tried we could not make this gorgeous boy sit near his new brother!  Undeterred I took the challenge head on… My mission was to create an image of all four siblings in one image…. Below are the images I had to work with..

Charlee Photography Charlee Photography

About an hour in photoshop and I had my mission completed!  I am pretty satisfied with my result!

Charlee PhotographyThis is where the value of your photographer comes into play… Just how much magic can they create!  Remember a Professional Photographer has invested many hours in themselves and their skills to create this magic for you.  Make sure you can trust the photographer you hire to do this for you!


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