About Me

Collen Harris Maternity PhotographerHi! Welcome to Charlee Photography!

My name is Colleen and I am Charlee Photography.  I am wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, to many and I’d like to welcome you to my family.

Ok, you have to know one thing about me… I am terrible at promoting myself!  So I’m cheating and letting some of my clients and fans share their feelings about me…

I asked everyone to describe me in one word and this is just a few samples of what I got back…

“Talented, Patient, Innovative, Kind, Amazing, Bright, Reliable, Accomplished,
Caring, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Baby Whisperer!”

And I also asked them to describe my work, in one word…

“Captivating, Beautiful, Artistic, Passionate, Stunning, Best Newborn
Photographer in Rockhampton, Amazing Memories, Heart Warming”

Some found this a little hard and wrote beautiful messages.

“You are amazing and talented, you took photos as the local heartfelt photographer and the images are something I will treasure forever. You work with such sensitivity and compassion and I will forever be so grateful for your services at such a sensitive time, and I hope to employ you to photograph happier memories in the future because you are so worth it! XX”
Monnie Williams
– – – – –
“Not a day goes by I don’t look at my stunning babies on the wall and my heart skips a beat. You did that, you captured the raw beauty of my children and it’s something I will have forever, can’t thank you enough for that with both maternity and new born shoots for both my beautiful girls!”
Maree Finney
– – – – –
“A wonderfully calm shoot with a fantastic photographer who cares very much about her subjects especially if they are the little people!!! One word = Phenomenal! But how can you describe the experience, or you, in just one word I know . . . ‘Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious”
Emma Killion
– – – – –
“You bring out the personality of the people and babies you shoot by making them feel so incredibly comfortable and produce the most Devine photographs that reflect emotion,
love, joy and happiness so perfectly”
Tanya Johnson

I am truly blessed and honoured to have such lovely comments about my work and about me personally.  But equally as important, I hope this information helps you to select the best photographer for yourselves.

I invest hours of my personal time researching the highest quality products to provide you at the best value for your money.  Products that will last the ages, which is what you all deserve.

I also invest myself in new techniques for taking photos, in new professional grade equipment, new personal skills to help me calm you and your family, I even dabble in child wrangling with my own two children! HAHA! All of this I do for my clients, to ensure they have the best experience possible.

I hope we can meet soon and discuss the ways I can help you turn your special moments into keepsakes for life.